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Educação / 17/03/2021

Community library dedicated to African and Afro-Brazilian culture opens in Cuiabá

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Community library dedicated to African and Afro-Brazilian culture opens in Cuiabá

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Afroteca provides the population of Cuiabana and Mato Grosso with access to research, African and Afro-descendant contributions in different areas of knowledge

The Community Afroteca Carolina Maria de Jesus was inaugurated this Wednesday (03/03). The library is located in the Casa das Pretas Cultural Center, Praça Conde de Azambuja, nº 25 (mansion in front of Praça da Mandioca), in the historic center of Cuiabá. The project was contemplated by the MT Nascentes Edital the State Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Leisure (Secel-MT).

The project consists of composing a thematic bibliographic collection, made available to the population of Cuiabana and Mato Grosso, of different age groups, who will be able to consult on the spot to obtain data, access research, learn about and recognize African and Afro-descendant contributions in different areas of knowledge. . The library has 450 books, in the following genres: children, children and adolescents, adults and scientific research.

For Antonieta Luisa Costa, proponent of the project, the key word is representativeness. “Afroteca is a place of historical and current knowledge, of memories and struggles of the black people, black and black authors and authors find a home and a voice. strength, faith, struggle are told by us, through literary writings, poetry, real and / or imaginary stories. We come out of invisibility and gain a voice. The Carolina Maria de Jesus Community Afroteca is our home ”.

The superintendent of Cultural Policies at Secel-MT, Jan Moura, was at the inauguration and highlights the importance of expanding access to public resources. “It is more and more urgent that initiatives like this, which act in the valorization of black authors, in the sharing of knowledge of populations of African origin, and other historically invisible peoples, be treated as a priority in incentive policies. This is fundamental to the important challenge of the fight against racial prejudice ”.

Afroteca is the first library in Mato Grosso that has in its collection the literary and scientific production of black authors and authors and other writers who debate ethnic-racial issues of the black population in Brazil. “The importance of this space goes beyond access to books, but also to the construction of the identity of the black population in the state”, points out Antonieta.

The library is named after the Brazilian writer Carolina Maria de Jesus. Carolina studied until the second year of elementary school, she learned to write and read. Her first book, Dump Room, published in 1960, sold 10,000 copies in four days and 100,000 copies in one year. The book recounts her experiences in the favela, about how she survived hunger with her children. She became a reference for Brazilian black women, and even launched her books outside Brazil, with translations in 14 languages. Carolina died in 1977, in São Paulo.


Community Afroteca Carolina Maria de Jesus

Location: Casa das Pretas Cultural Center

Address: Praça Conde de Azambuja nº 25 - mansion in front of Praça da Mandioca, in the historic center of Cuiabá-MT

Customer service: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 12 pm - 2 pm to 5 pm

Information: (65) 9 9900-6879 Whatsapp

Social networks:

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